2014A Day 17: Working Away

Tonight we are happy to present you with the first release of the official trailer for the MagAO movie, directed by Alycia Weinberger.

Coming soon to a theatre or scientific journal near you.

We’re still here at LCO, observing star after star, seeing disk after disk, maybe a high contrast close separation point source or two, and we aren’t out of cookies yet. Here’s a few more things going on:

Those “keeners” (Laird’s word) at Baade always beat us on sky. We’re getting faster.
The MagAO adaptive secondary mirror catches the last daylight as we open to take flats.

Alycia got a good picture of a cute little vizzy at the ASB which she posted the other day. I saw him or her tonight, and I’m sure this is a new animal that we haven’t been seeing before, maybe a young vizzy. In any case, it’s cute.

A dainty little vizcacha at the clean room.

We are now totally on a night schedule. Here’s Laird, Kate, and T. J., heading down to a late breakfast before bed.

Laird, Kate, and T. J. headed down to breakfast after a long night of MagAO science.

It’s always pretty here, and watching the sunset is our nightly ritual.

Laird, Alycia, and Kate watched the sunset from outside the Clay control room.

This came up last night. Man these guys are cool.