2014A Day 2: Spring Cleaning

VisAO and the WFS got a much needed spring cleaning today. We also installed some new filters.

Laird works at installing the new H-alfa filter and our new coronagraphic spots.

Jared and Alfio installed a new more powerful Y-stage motor. This motor has to lift the W-unit against gravity, and the old one was under-powered and so was failing. These motors are very powerful, even the old one, so it is very nerve racking to mess around with them. We had a stressful morning.

Alfio agonizes over the settings for our new motor (that’s it sitting next to him).

T.J. and Katie buttoned up Clio today.

This is the inside of the Clio dewar just before it was buttoned up.
Clio being lifted back onto its cart.

The weather has been gorgeous, and we’re seeing lots of locals out and about.

It was a double Viscacha day.
This guy is still hanging around. He’s not scared of me, but he doesn’t really want to be friends either.
These clowns showed up this afternoon. They always look like they’re up to no good.

Here’s the song of the day. We have spent so much time here it now feels like we’re coming home when we get off the plane in La Serena.