2014A Day 1: Light Em Up

Hello, MagAO fans! Laird and Alfio arrived today so it is officially Day 1 of our 2014A science run!

T.J. and I successfully swapped in/out/around 8 filters plus more blockers, spacers, and slits inside Clio today. This involves cracking open the dewar which is a complicated mess of screws and insulation to keep everything cold and aligned when we’re on sky. Here are some pictures of the fun:

Juan and Felix helped us move Clio from the Aux to the Clean room.

T.J. pinging Clio.

We took careful painstaking steps.

We noted which filters we removed as we made room in other other filter wheel to swap them in.

T.J. having fun.

There was still a caballo hanging around.

Song of the day: Light Em Up (Bear Down)


Bear down.