2014A Day 29: All Packed Up

We packed everything up and left the mountain, and now I’ve gotten enough sleep I’m finally awake enough to post some pictures for you.

The crew spent most of the day putting MegaCam on the telescope, which uses the F/5 they put on the day before. It’s a big job, being one of the biggest and heaviest instruments.

Victor and Francesco lift MegaCam up through the floor
MegaCam and Cartzilla. Cartzilla is so big and heavy they have to take down a post to fit it through the door, and it has to drive on tracks so it doesn’t fall through the floor.
The crew prepare M1 for MegaCam

Then they had some time to squeeze in taking Clio2 and the MagAO NAS off the telescope before supper.

Felix prepares to take Clio2 off the NAS
Felix, Juan, and the crew prepare to lift the NAS off the telescope. They worked very hard that day to get it all done before supper.
Jared secures the NAS on its cart

We parked them in the Aux.

The NAS parked in the Aux
Clio2 parked in the Aux

Earlier in the day, Laird and I accompanied the ASM down to the Clean room.

Baby Vizzy flopped out in the sun after being terrified out of his wits from the loud diesel Isuzu that brought the ASM down to the clean room

We had a final dinner, then packed up to leave.

Our last dinner — stuffed zucchinis and
Final sunset from the catwalk

Song of the day: Zumba version

Song of the day: Electric Slide version