2014A…28 Days Later: No Led in Our Zeppelin

Today Laird got up at 8am while Jared and I went to bed after our Last Star last night. Laird and the crew took down the ASM, then Laird and Jared de-cabled the NAS and I de-cabled Clio with their help. Here are some pictures:

Jared peering through the optics
Shutting down Clio.
Turning off the Clio pump in the scary loud pump room
The tunnel by the scary loud pump room.
Jared feeds the anaconda through to Laird, who catches it in the snake pit below
Laird in the snake pit. Left: the view from beneath the NAS. Right: The view through the hole from on the NAS platform.
Jared and Laird posing by the NAS
Jared shows us how he really feels
Povilas works on the M1 mirror.
Tonight’s dinner was delicious – stuffed tomatoes, sliced potatoes, and salmon with a cream/shrimp sauce
It was a rare 3-vizcacha day at the clean room today.

The song of the day is inspired by the film 28 Days Later. We hope when we get back to Tucson, it isn’t a post-apocalyptic wasteland with everyone crazy party-rocking and/or our loved ones turned into zombies. Still, should the need arise, we are ready to party rock.

Ready to party rock.