2014B Day 23: Go MagAO Go!

Well Kate, we don’t have a clever fix for you yet. But why be clever when hacking will do? The technical difficulties last night were from timeouts in the TCS communication (which mysteriously had never timed out until we tried taking data for Vanessa……). Jared implemented a workaround in which we timed various nod sizes at the beginning of the night on a test star, and used those delay times as the wait statements for the AO. It worked so great that we were able to look at 16 targets for ASU grad student Kim Ward-Duong tonight, which is a lot! We only had 1 unexplained RIP all night and recovered from that just fine. Kim is a very experienced AO observer with adaptive secondaries (MMT, LBT, and now Magellan), and has become an expert on Clio in just 3 days, so we were very efficient. It was a much better night! Here we are all looking happy to be observing with MagAO:

Here we are happily observing for Kim

Povilas: Well, what did you change?
Jared: I haven’t changed my code.
Povilas: It worked fine yesterday. You must have changed your code.
Jared: I haven’t changed my code.
Povilas: That’s what everyone says. “I haven’t changed my code.” “Fezzik, tear his arms off.” “Oh, you mean *this* mount-wait statement.”

Jared captured the sun rise in dramatic fashion yesterday
Two days ago we ended early enough that I got a jog in before breakfast. This is on my way back. That’s Baade glinting in the sunlight, and Clay right next to it.

Jared: Well, at least there’s some good news… I still have an empanada left!
Alberto: Oh, you mean *this* empanada? …It was delicious!
(Haha just kidding!)
Anybody want a peanut?

Geologic ripples in the hills around Cerro Manqui