2014B Day 4: Closed Loop

Today was a long night. Too long to report all the events. But, we installed the NAS and Clio, took off the ASM cover and put on the wind monitor, and closed the loop!

We closed the loop! Do these screens look familiar?

Three students from the Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa María, Javier Garcés,
Sebastián Zúñiga, and Mario Castro, arrived today. They will be working with us on vibration testing, and will spend some time in Tucson in early 2015. They also helped me cable and move Clio today:

Here are the Chilean students helping to move Clio. They were very motivated and we look forward to working with them.
Clio being lifted on the crane
Laird was very proud of his plumbing manifold (bottom left). I like the impellers
Inspecting the shell yesterday. Do I look nervous?

Sadly we haven’t seen our mascot, Vizzy, at the clean room yet. Did he move out? …

I love breakfast here! All the meals, actually. Here is yesterday’s breakfast with the fresh-squeezed cherimoya juice.