2014B Day 3: Switched On and Switching Over

The big news for today is that Laird and Katie cabled, plumbed, and powered-up the ASM. We’ve never done that before without at least one Arcetrian in the room. It all went very smoothly, and the ASM is ready to go on sky!

Laird and Katie connected the ASM power and communication cables and the cooling lines.
This nice display shows our shell in the “RIP” (rest in peace) state. We were happy to see this, as it meant all the electronics were working.

Our day started with Oscar introducing us to the Cherimoya. It’s a really flavorable sweet fruit. We also had fresh squeezed Cherimoya juice for breakfast.

That”s a Cherimoya. In front, that is. That’s Povilas in back.
Tonight’s sunset, or just after it.

We started switching over to a night schedule. That means we got up for breakfast at 7:30 and worked until 2 am. We finished out the night testing some new plumbing fixtures for the NAS. At least we’ll sleep in a little this morning.

We should be on-sky tonight. Baby get ready.