2014B Day 40: Switched back over

Yesterday was day 40 and we switched back over to a day schedule, but the blog server was down so here I am posting now. Thanks to the 4th-floor at CAAO for getting us running again!

A few final pix from our last night on-sky — night 39:

Sunrise on our last night observing — the run ended when the AO loop opened due to confusion with a nearby G2V star. You can see the sunlight coming around the baffles — I snapped this pic just before the loop opened. And then got a couple pictures of the final dome closing on MagAO 2014B.

Fog in the morning after our last night.
Jared waves goodbye from the Clay catwalk

Day 40 was a short day for me. Laird had gone to bed at midnight on our last observing night, so we saw him at breakfast as he was just getting up but we were just going to bed. He pulled the ASM with the crew in the morning. Then Jared got up after a few hours sleep to help uncable the NAS, which they pulled next. Finally I got up in the afternoon after several hours sleep, to find that Laird Jared and the crew had already pulled Clio too! They were very fast this time!

Such tired
I went for a walk after dinner down to the original scopes, and saw the moon rise over the Clay & Baade.
Sunset on Day 40 — not the start of the night, but the end of the day.
A vizcacha sighting at the clean room! I dub her Vizita.

The staff here have taken such good care of us this run. They sent up my yogurt for breakfast that I had at 7:30pm, and a plate of delicious food for dinner every night. On Day 40, they were concerned that I didn’t go to lunch or dinner but also didn’t ask for una plata at night, so they sent Jared with some pizza. Thanks! It was delicious. My usual observing dinner:

Dinner while observing — Una plata de la cena por favor.

We made it 40 days. I hope I can still swim when I get back!