2014B Day 41: Not really switched over

According to the blog, we were working the night shift for 36 nights (see Povilas, the blog can be useful). That means we’re almost completely nocturnal at this point, and not doing so well at this “awake during normal hours” thing. We have an overnight flight from Santiago to Dallas tomorrow night — it may be a long one.

The MagAO team took in one last sunset.

MagAO is all packed up and ready for its ~6 month rest. It’s well deserved — we really made the system work hard this time.

Katie and Laird wrapped up the ASM. This is to keep dust out.
The Burro herd came up to see Katie and me off on our last morning. They formed a guard of honor for us along the road.
So long guys! See you soon.
A trio of Storks (!) caused a bit of a commotion by perching on the DIMM this morning.
Katie took some time to say goodbye to the gorgeous view from Cerro Manqui.

As we used to say in the Navy, just a wake-up to go. We leave at 10 am, and then it’s time to celebrate.