2015A Day 13: Happy Mother’s Day!

To the Various Mothers!

Tonight started out cloudy and we had some difficult times.

So here are some pictures for our various mothers:

Laird and Jared at El Pino, on our way up here
Here was Jared searching through the cabinet for a spare motherboard last week
Moon rise last week
Last week we had a bird in the clean room… here it is in the vestibule as we were trying to chase it out. Later, Juan and Nelson patched up the hole and no more birds got in the clean room.

There was a big rain storm in northern Chile in March. The grass is green and growing on this typically brown mountain. Here are Yuri Beletsky’s beautiful photos:

LCO Green 1 by Yuri Beletsky

LCO Green 2 by Yuri Beletsky

And my photo:

The Baade telescope with rye grass growing along the path, and a river eroded into the path too

Quotes from last week:
Asking the observer on Baade about her night:
“How was your night?” -Katie
“Good, but we lost two hours to a FIRE issue.” -Gwen
“A fire issue?!?!?” -Katie
“Not fire, FIRE — Folded-port InfraRed Echellette!” -Gwen

Our new rain protocol is to put the moon screen at 82% to cover the shell:
“So that’s waterproof?” -Laird
“Well it’s the most waterproof spot…” -Povilas
“Actually Clio’s probably quite water proof. It would probably float.” -Laird

Night lunches:
“They wanted to know if we wanted empanadas… I think I just ordered us 14 sandwiches and ALL of the empanadas they currently have…” -Jared


This song has been on the blog before but it’s a really wonderful song and perfect for today:

The performance that made it popular:

The original writers:



We think the moms will like this one:

The hipster version — Farmdale: country before it was cool: