2015A Day 2: Long Stressful Day

Today was a challenge on two fronts. Katie and Laird spent the day performing surgery on our beloved Clio camera. They’re doing some housekeeping and getting ready to install our new coronagraphs and Brackett gamma filter. It’s always fun to open a dewar and take apart a bunch of filter wheels. I spent the day trying to get our new (higher power) X-stage motor up and running. It should be noted that a significant fraction of the day on each front was spent solving problems that only Jordan Stone cares about.

Perhaps the biggest news is that we had our first Viscacha siting. On our last run they were very skittish, but they’re back to being the lazy sleepy grumps we have come to know and love.

Povilas wins the day for his practical joke. He talked Juan into coming into dinner and telling us that our schedule was wrong and that we are due to be on the telescope a day earlier than planned. Ha ha, good one Povilas.

Here’s Clio heading into the operating room.
Clio on the operating table. Think he/she/it will make it?
My day was spent cabling and uncabling this motor (and the spare), and tweaking parameters. I think I finally got it tuned up just before bed time.
Vizzy 1 and 2. No sign of Grumpy. look at those tails.