2015A Day 26: A quiet night there are no disturbances

Today was T.J.’s first night, which means the start of good solid breaks for Jared and me. It was pretty cloudy which made for a quiet night with no disturbances:

Cloudy clouds are clouding the stars

Since it was my first break in a long time, my brain was mainly up for a lot of youtubing of Namibian folk songs. If you are also spending your weekend waiting for the clouds to clear, enjoy this long playlist of beautiful music from Namibia:

First song of the day:
!Nosa !Oes Ge Nesa /translated “It’s a quiet night there are no disturbances”


(Also stick around for the fun song “Sponono” at the end, I love that one!)

The person who posted this to Youtube claims it is also called Sponono, but it’s not the one (above) that I know as Sponono. It’s still a nice one. Perhaps our Nama-speaking readers can help us with the title of this one:

Third song of the day:
Tuaza Kokure

No covers to be found, and I listed long and hard — I love this one. The second song in the Tuaza Kokure video is a cover for the…

…Fourth song of the day:
Dumelang ma Africa

Fifth song of the day:
Tate Wetu

Update: Covers are required if they can be found:

Sixth song of the day:

I don’t remember how to spell the title so I couldn’t find a cover — but I love this one.

Seventh song of the day:

Cover according to the 2015A Blog Rules:

Final song of the day — also no covers:
#Nabara #Na

A beautiful peaceful one to end on. Love the language and the singing. Good night!