2015A Day 28: Clio Field Stop/Start

OK, I’ve had enough winter. Look at all these clouds!

Cloudy clouds, clouded view

And the winds, and still the clouds!

Cloudy and windy

So we didn’t even open tonight, at all, ever.

Well, at least that meant it was a good time to fix Clio. So I’ve been aligning the camera by hand lately, but not anymore!

Now TJ and I don’t have to align the pupil images by hand anymore

Here was us last week… Pato Pinto helped us by soldering a jumper to bypass the broken motor so that we could move the other ones with the gui from the warmth of the control room, and only had to go out to the platform to move the field stop:

Pato Pinto last week soldering the jumper for the broken motor

Thanks to Jenny Greene who delivered the necessary tools to us today, Jared and I went out to the cold platform tonight to tear into Clio once more. We replaced the broken motor controller with a working one, including setting up the dip switches and adding thermal paste:

Jared and I put the new motor controller in Clio

Before and after:

Left: Before / Right: After

So … now it works!

Here it is working… see I can put in arbitrary field stops from the gui, such as the slit!

Good night!

Ahoy there

Song of the day:

Taylor Swift liked this song so much she did 2 covers — here’s a few people who followed suit: