2015A Day 29: NOW It’s Windy

“Maria makes the mountains sound like folks were up there dyin'”

We’ve already used up some of the best wind songs, and we’re just getting started. I saw at least one gust of 64 mph on our wind gage up here at Clay. The LCO weather page doesn’t go that high:

Winds at Magellan were off the chart (it only goes to 50) several times tonight.

Down at the 100″ DuPont telescope, they were getting hammered by high 60s (mph) for hours. We still haven’t reached the MagAO record. Maybe tomorrow.

It was screaming at DuPont tonight. Mauricio called to check on them, and they had to put weights behind their doors to keep them shut.

I made this recording in the dome tonight while winds were over 50 (it’s not your computer, the lights were off).

The sky at sunset, as Katie was heading up to sit around and do nothing all night. Click for the full cloudiness.
Tonight’s dessert was Sopaipilla, which Mauricio says Chilean grandmothers make when it rains. It hasn’t rained yet . . .