2015A Day 4: Almost our turn on Clay

Laird and I buttoned up Clio and Gabriel and I started pumping it down.

Jared finished tuning the new X motor and installed it:

Jared holds the old X-motor and points at the newly installed new, bigger & better X motor.

And Laird and Jared are testing the motors in the NAS:

Here are Laird and Jared testing the motors in the NAS.

Johanna Teske is observing on Clay/MIKE tonight — see her blog post at Las Campanas Belles. It’s our turn, starting tomorrow night.

Johanna Teske (UA PhD 2014) is observing on Clay tonight, with TO Hugo Rivera.

Quote of the day:
“I know what they’re saying, but I don’t actually understand the words. Mainly because I don’t speak Spanish.” –Laird, after the meeting to walk through the procedure for mounting the ASM (our adaptive secondary mirror) and NAS (our Nasmyth ring with VisAO and the AO system inside it and Clio outside it), which will happen tomorrow. The meeting was in Spanish (although the written procedure is in English, which Juan Gallardo was projecting on the screen for those of us who don’t speak Spanish).

Well I’m doing this a bit backwards, but this is the song of the day:

which is a cover of the following 3 songs: