2015A Day 6: Closed Loop

We made it to a closed loop tonight. First we had to deal with a bad cable for the guider, and a failed hard drive in VisAO. I’m too tired to really say much about it. Here are some pictures.

The NAS getting lifted off the cart
Nelson guides the NAS onto its pins.
The cart, with dust covers, heads back to the Aux. We won’t need it for more than a month.
Katie fills Clio with liquid nitrogen. Clio is *almost* ready
This is what a computer failure looks like on the Nasmyth platform.
Jared putting the finishing touches on VisAO after swapping out a failed disk.
Povilas and Laird removed the protective cover and installed the wind monitor.
Laird presents the MagAO eyepiece. More on this later.
Johanna left us encouraging words. Laird did eat his night lunch. Including the onions.