2015B Blog Rules

2015B is upon us. I’m getting ready to leave in a couple days. My parents drove down from NM for a visit since I won’t be seeing them at any of the upcoming holidays. We hiked to the top of Blackett’s Ridge — a 1700-foot elevation gain — and it was a beautiful day:

Saw this cool lizard up there.

Here are my parents, my brother, and myself.

A nice way to enjoy fall in Tucson before the summer run in LCO!

Blog Rules:
1. Every post of the day must have a song of the day.
2. If the post of the day is the first one for 2015B, the song of the day is at the poster’s discretion.
3. If the post of the day is not the first post of the day for 2015B, the song of the day for post N must be related somehow to the song from day N-1.
3.1. The connection must be clearly stated.
4. Any other covers, etc. are allowed, just be clear about which song is the official song of the day.

That’s all folks.