2015B Day -1: Back On The Hill

We’re back.

A familiar view

Actually I’ve been back since yesterday, but after a long stressful trip with lots of delays and lost luggage I didn’t get around to a post yesterday.

Our stuff is right where we left it.

All of our stuff turned on and is working great. I did find a failed hard disk, but the RAID is already synched. Our new data storage computer survived shipping too, and booted right up.

It’s the one in the middle with the most lights.

LAN decided that I could wait a day for my luggage. They fixed it quick though, and thanks to the El Pino crew it came today by dinner.

Look at the extra “rush” tags.

There are new observer cars. They only have 2 pedals. At least they didn’t color coordinate the license plates.

City kids.

Look at these morons:

We meet again.
It’s like I never left.

I thought that an advance trip by El Jefe, complete with blog posts complaining about the internet, would have squared things away. But alas, connections seem to be spotty.

Now on to the real business. It was Katie’s turn to set the song of the day rules, and this should be fun.. It seems I need to start us on what promises to be an epic journey.

On August 3, 1809, my Great^5 grandfather Enoch Males married Nancy Thomas in Bourbon County, Kentucky. They then promptly lit a shuck for Indiana. I’ve been watching a lot of the show “Justified” lately — if you’re familiar, Bourbon isn’t quite as “in the hills” as Harlan. Just the same, judging by this song I’m glad Enoch and Nancy didn’t stick around.

For old time’s sake, here’s another version to listen to while you ponder the hidden messages about the MagAO life.