2016A Day 1: This and That

Katie arrived safe and sound, just in time for dinner. During the day: more preparations, mostly working on our new toys. We installed the new field stop, but only after Laird drew all over it with a Sharpie.

Everyone here agrees that Sharpie does almost no good. But it must look like we did the right thing.

Oscar helped us countersink some bolts, and Laird tested out the mount for our new camera.

Our new super whamodyne electron multiplying CCD camera.
Clay getting ready for some M2FS observing.

I’ve been obsessing about read noise in our wavefront sensor camera. This isn’t a new thing, some of our most epic “sea stories” revolve around troubleshooting this camera. That was all solved a while ago, but now we are trying to get it running at 2000 Hz. So this song is about noise.

The fact that I can’t find a youtube entry of the album version of this song makes me feel “not fresh”.