2016A Day 3: Loop is closed

Today was a 7am breakfast to 7am dawn kind of day. Mario Matteo and his team finished their M2FS run with some calibrations, Juan and the crew pulled M2FS and the f/11, Juan et al. installed our NAS and ASM, we cabled the ASM and NAS, and finally we went on sky, closed the loop, Povilas et al. tested the guider, and we tried out the eyepiece as well as VisAO extragalactic observations. It was a very good, very long day!

The long road to MagAO.

Here are Pato and the crew helping Laird and I cable the ASM — it involves laying cables in the tray along the spider — you can see it in the Clio pupil images, this spider is a bit thicker with all the electronics, communications, and cooling lines we have to run to our ASM:

Pato and the crew helping Laird and I cable the ASM.

The new VisAO field stop designed by UA/MagAO grad student Ya-Lin Wu has been deployed:

The VisAO field stop has been deployed – it works!

And here we are doing some extragalactic AO at 4am in the control room:

The high-contrast imaging team doing extragalactic AO at the end of a 24-hour-long-day

Laird and I saw a hawk in a tree

Song of the day: