2016B Day 16: 1.6 kHz

Tonight Clio and VisAO were together again — except we didn’t do much together. Separately we tested the new VisAO SDI+ mode and did some basic set-up tests on Clio. And we got AO up to 1.6 kHz! Thanks to Arcetri here and there:

The AOistas last week hard at work to give us this nice night on sky

And the wind died down and we had as low as 0.35” seeing!

And thanks Baade for delivering such superb image quality to us over here on Clay

Vizcochito greeted me on my way up:

It was really windy all day, and Vizcochito was huddled on the roof of the “garage” at the clean room, out of the wind.

And there was a salad animal at dinner!

Una animale ensalata