2016B Day 6: Low Latency Guanaco

Another busy day on Cerro Manqui.

Clio came up to start getting ready. Katie will begin drawing a vacuum and start the cool down process tomorrow.

Clio made its first appearance this run.

Most of today was spent shaking out our new 2000 Hz capability. As of tonight, thanks to Mario and Alfio, we have successfully closed the loop (with 0 gain) at 2000 Hz! It’s on.

Mario working hard on the switch BCU
Alfio supervising a test at 1800 Hz. Later in the day we got all the way to 2000 Hz!

To do the zero-gain closed-loop testing we had to string a temporary network fiber between buildings, since sine parts of MagAO are not yet on the telescope. This necessitated some improvised safety management (fibers are delicate).

Safety never takes a vacation.

Vizzy spent the day doing Vizcacha things.

Vizzy was just hanging out this afternoon.

Kelsey saw a Guanaco up close and took these great pics.

The majestic Guanaco.
I feel like he’s talking with his mouth full.