2016B Day 7: Livin’ on the Edge

Were we all on edge today? Nah – not really.

As scientists and engineers, do we all have a hip and edgy sense of fashion? Well obviously.

But more than that, edges seemed to show up everywhere today.

Inside the observatory:

You see the outer edge of the pupil in this interferometric image of the adaptive secondary mirror? Yeah – well you couldn’t yesterday! This beautiful, fringe-filled, full image of the ASM is courtesy of the intrepid mirror-whispers Runa, Marco, and Fernando.

Promising fringes

Outside the observatory:

This guanaco likes to live life on the edge. He’s been swinging by this week frequently to show off for the astro-paparazzi who, without fail, come bounding outside at even the faintest cry of “GUANACO!!!”

Surveying his kingdom

Watching the edge of the horizon for the green flash. Do you see it?? We didn’t either. Still a gorgeous sunset though.

No green flash, but still…

And now for your song of the day: