2017A Day 0: Is this thing on?

The 2017A MagAO team made it to LCO! It’s beautiful here on the mountain. Hector cooked us a delicious dinner of fish, potatoes, soup, salad, and pudding. I checked on Clio’s vacuum (which Victor started for me on Sunday) and it’s at $10^{-6}$ so it’s looking good to start liquid nitrogen cooling first thing tomorrow morning. Time to catch up on some zzz’s!

Ya-Lin is in the old-but-refurbished “astronomer” dorms. Laird, Jared, and I are in the newer-but-very-far-away dorms with limited wi-fi. These are the dorms that forced Jared to pick the infamous “Dee-ner Dee-ner Dee-ner” song as the song-of-the-day once due to very weak wi-fi. (The difference today is my laptop is doing OK finding a signal but not my phone.) I put my phone outside on the retaining wall because it sees a very small wi-fi signal outside — I’m hoping it will upload the photos I took today to Dropbox so I can download them onto my laptop so I can post them for you in this blog post! So far… so bad. 🙁

Maybe you can imagine the pictures. One is a picture of Jared at the Santiago airport Starbucks (the old one, just around the corner from the new one) with his coffee that says something kind of close to his name on it. Then I took a few pictures of the flowers, ocean, and pine tree at El Pino where we waited for 3 hours in La Serena for the transport up the mountain. Finally, I tried a couple pix of the sunset tonight — very red through a thick haze on the horizon, which is pretty unusual — we’ll see if they turned out.

Well, while we’re waiting for that, here is the song of the day, which is related to yesterday’s song as per the rules: