2017A Day -1: Blogging Begins

Well, here we go. Laird, Katie, Jared, and Ya-Lin are on our way to LCO. We’ve already not seen our first green flash.

Sunset from Terminal D.

I’m a bit worried though. We’re not even a day into the run and Laird is already exhausted.

Laird didn’t even make it to Dallas before passing out.

So we’re bringing back the old “Telephone Game” rules. As usual, every day must have at least one post, each post-of-the-day must use the 2017A Day X: [title] format, and each of these must include a song of the day. During 2017A each song of the day must be related to the day before’s song. We leave it up to our carefully vetted team of bloggers to decide whether they explicitly state the relationship. There are no other rules (we call this the Hernán rule).