2017B Day 14: Not the last blog post

Laird’s blog post yesterday was the last blog post, he said. But today was the day we departed LCO, so usually today is the last blog post. However, he also numbered it Day 15 but the previous day was Day 13. We’ll chalk that up to switching from a night schedule to a day schedule over the course of 6 hours (whereas I took a leisurely 30 hours to switch over… meaning I am still napping during the day, up during the night, and not really sure when the Sun is up or down). So anyway, here’s a blog post on our last day, but it is not the last blog post — that was Day 15. Got it?

Not the last sunset at the Owlery:

Hedwig’s perch at the Owlery

Not the last “wildlife” sighting:

Burros – and is that a horse?

Not the last hike:

Katie, Jared, and Laird on the hike

Not the last copper mine:

Vein of copper we saw on the hike

Not the last forest:

Forest on the hike

Not the last trash heap:

Start at the trash heap, hike down from there … next time we’ll find the petroglyphs

Not the last breakfast:

Goodbye breakfast

Not the last Andes:

The Andes in winter from a plane

Not the last LATAM club:

Jared and Laird (and I) enjoy the LATAM club before our next flight

Not the last song of the day: