Comm2 Day 0: Arrivals

The MagAO team got a lot bigger today. Laird, Katie, Alfio, Marco, and Vanessa arrived at LCO today. Marco took some pictures after they all met up in Santiago.

Laird, as is his wont, caused all sorts of trouble at the airport(s). He doesn’t have all of his luggage yet.
Laird, Alfio, and Marco waiting for the ride. This time they got to ride in comfort on the LCO Express.

Katie sat in the front of the bus, so she took some pictures of the drive.

A La Serena neighborhood.
La Serena traffic.
Marco speaks Spanish well, so he always makes friends.
The drive takes you along the ocean for part of the way. It’s nice.
The bus has just pulled up to the Babcock Lodge

No rest for the weary. After dinner we charged up the mountain to get to work.

Vanessa was introduced to Vizzy after dinner.
Katie is tightening some screws on Clio.
Katie and Vanessa got Clio started up.
Laird arrives at the top. MagAO Commissioning run #2 has begun.

We also set a record today, with the arrival of Vanessa:

We’re pretty sure this is the largest number of graduates of Brookings High School (South Dakota) ever to occur at LCO. Go Bobcats!
It never gets old. Yuri was right though – no green flash.
A pretty mountain view just after sunset.

And finally, though we couldn’t watch it, we note the outcome of the battle of the Aux building:

Arizona 74, Harvard 51. Bear Down.