Comm2 Day -2: El Zorrito

Today was somewhat eventful. There was some more guider housekeeping, and some work on VisAO software, and a few other odds and ends. We also saw a rare member of the LCO zoo today at lunch.

It's time to start the process of cooling Clio down. The first step is to pump it down, and that got started this morning.
The primary didn't get washed today after all. The sink had to be cleaned first, to get some residual oil off. Here's Tyson going to work on it.
Instead of washing the primary, the telescope itself got a thorough cleaning.
The inside of the aluminization chamber. This contraption vaporizes aluminum to recoat the mirror.
Though the primary didn't get washed, other mirrors did.

A family of Guanacos came by the aux building today. There were a couple of little ones trotting along with the herd.

Tyson scared them away.
Here are the little ones.

The big news of the day is that I finally saw Zorro. A fox ran by the lodge during lunch and caused quite a commotion.

This is the North end of a South bound Zorrito. Once it realized it was being watched it took off - but not too fast.
I of course only had my cell phone camera, so I didn't get very good close ups.
The fox blends in with the countryside really well. No wonder I haven't seen one before today.
From the backside.
Tonights sunset is indirect - that's the Horace Babcock lodge catching the last rays of today.