Comm2 Day -3: moving the primary

The Clay telescope’s 6.5m primary mirror is getting a bath tomorrow. So today it was lowered out of the telescope, and moved into the aux. building. Not something you see everyday.

The 6.5m honeycomb mirror, inside its cell (the white cylinder), after being lowered onto its cart.
The surface of the mirror. This picture is normally almost impossible to take.
Here the mirror is making the journey into the aux.

Alan and Tyson did some guider housekeeping today, covering up some pesky LEDs. I turned the W-Unit on and made sure everything still works. No problems!

Vizzy definitely knows when he/she gets noticed and is having a picture taken.
Waiting for the sunset.
The view off the back of the mountain, right at sunset. It was cloudy all day, but it is clearing up tonight.
Our nightly sunset.