Comm2 Day -4: again back again

The “advance team” arrived at LCO today to begin preparations for MagAO commissioning run #2. Alan, Tyson, and Jared made the long overnight journey from the USA, accompanied by Povilas and Mark Phillips who were returning from the Magellan SAC meeting.

Tyson getting recharged in Santiago.
The first part of the road has been freshly paved. The rest of the way is . . . still bumpy.

After a delicious LCO supper I went up and looked everything over. Here are some of the important things I checked:

Vizzy watched the sunset with me.
Our frisbee was still in its hiding spot. Need a few more players though.
Our various caches of gear are still in place.

And of course, I took a stroll around the mountain to see how things are without us.

Andrew Carnegie, ladies and gentlemen.
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To decrease plastic water bottle waste, you now get one of these nice Al bottles when you show up, and there are filling stations everywhere.
No MagAO @ LCO post is complete without a sunset from the catwalk.
I don't see the comet.
That's moonlight on Baade. That's Betelgeuse above and left of Clay.