MagAO 2014B Day 42: Coming Home/Party in the USA

We’re home!!!

And we had a good trip back:

Laird, Jared, and I enjoyed cerveza y papas fritas at our new fave spot in La Serena a.k.a. Havana.

Lunch in La Serena yesterday as we got on our way.
Laird and I walking to the terminal in Santiago
Hmm, wouldn’t you know it, the Admiral’s Club in Dallas has wasabi peas.
A-Mountain in Tucson (exactly centered in this crop) from the plane
Tucson!!! From the air, we could see Arizona Stadium, the Steward Observatory Mirror Lab, and the pool where I swim! A little bit up/left of center here.
Jumping for joy to be home!

It was a good run. 37 nights on sky, good weather, good telescope, good AO, good crew, good astronomers… good data! Thanks to all who made this run a success.

42 days away from home is a long time. But from our pre-astronomer lives, Jared and I are both used to long deployments in remote areas. (Although the bottom of the ocean is a lot more remote than Namibia!). Anyway, we quite enjoyed coming home:

and are celebrating being back home in the USA: