MagAO 2014B Day 41: Gone Away/Glad You Came

Hello, it’s MagAO’s favorite mascot, Vizzy.

Here I was enjoying an afternoon nap at the sunny safe wall spot
But I had to clear out and find a better spot with fewer 2-legs making clicky noises with their small electronic devices

Laird, Jared, and Katie left on Day 41. Here are some pictures from their last couple days at LCO this year.

Laird and Juan pose after taking off Clio
The ASM goes down hill to park by my nice napping spot
Jared and Katie say goodbye to Clay and Baade
Alberto made a cappuccino for Katie on Thanksgiving
Jared a.k.a. PopEye in his natural state.
Jared and Laird by the NAS and ASM
Katie must be sad to leave me. Laird and the driver load up the van. Clay and Baade in the background.
Katie, Laird, and Jared in the ASM

I miss them.

I’m glad they came.