MagAO Arrives at Las Campanas: Unpacking Day 1

Today, for the first time, all of the MagAO system was on the same continent, and even in the same building. On top of that, after a 50 hour odyssey Laird, Victor, and Jared arrived at LCO to begin unpacking. MagAO is officially at Magellan! Here are some pictures from today.

The MagAO ASM arrives at LCO
The conductor celebrates the end of a *slow* drive up the mountain.

Meanwhile, somewhere between Tucson and La Serena:

Victor and Jared pose after defeating Chilean customs with way too many parts of MagAO in our luggage.

And finally at the top of the mountain:

We witnessed a blast for the GMT.
Here we see the backup transport system, standing by outside our dorm rooms just in case.
Our future home, the Clay Telescope, is the one at left opening at sunset.
Venus over LCO. By the way, the stars are weird down here.
Laird celebrates the fact that none of the drop-n-tells tripped on the outer box. This means that the shell was handled very carefully on its trip from Italy.
Our electronics waiting to be unpacked.
Victor and Alan unbolting the top of the outer box.
Jared expresses his opinion about something. Ask me later - it probably doesn't matter. Update 4 days later: it didn't matter.
We only tripped 2 of 3 5g drop-n-tells on the inner box. This is a great sign that our delicate shell was treated well on its journey.
Here we're moving the inner box. Jared is operating the crane, and Laird is guiding the load.
Victor guides the inner box and its delicate contents down. The foam behind him was on top of the inner box.

At the end of our first day the inner box was safely stowed in the clean room, and we have started unpacking our electronics. A big first day.