Unpacking Day 2

We kept at it on our 2nd day (our 1st full day). Today we unpacked the NAS, installed the guider in the NAS (for the first time), unpacked and tested our computers, and after dinner we unpacked and inspected the WFS. Some pix:

Here we are about to lift the NAS out of its box, the whole team is making sure nothing goes wrong.
Lowering the NAS down onto its cart.
The spacer ring goes back onto the NAS after the guider is installed.
Juan finishes tipping the NAS with the crane.
Laird and Jared inspecting the WFS immediately after opening the shipping box. Everything looks good. Before anyone asks, yes the T/T mirror is still attached to its stage.
A rare view of the back of the WFS with no cables. CCD 39 at left, CCD 47 at right.
The pyramid sensor side of the WFS - all looks good.
The VisAO arm of the WFS - all our special filters look unharmed.
A herd of asses.