MagAO Commissioning Day 28: Going home

The last of the MagAO team left LCO today. So long and thanks for all the spatial resolution! Since we didn’t all overlap, here are the 3 group pictures we took that captured everyone who came on the commissioning run:

Back row: Armando Riccardi, Enrico Pinna, Alfio Puglisi, Simone Esposito, Jared Males, Tyson Hare, Phil Hinz. Front row: Marco Xompero, Alan Uomoto, Laird Close, Katie Morzinski. Not pictured: Derek Kopon
Back row: Derek Kopon, Ya-Lin Wu, Enrico Pinna, Phil Hinz, Laird Close, Tyson Hare, Kate Follette, T.J. Rodigas. Front row: Alfio Puglisi, Simone Esposito, Alan Uomoto, Katie Morzinski, Jared Males.
Back row: Enrico Pinna, Ya-Lin Wu, Simone Esposito, Laird Close, Alan Uomoto, T.J. Rodigas, Jared Males, Tyson Hare. Front row: Runa Briguglio, Alfio Puglisi, Kate Follette, Katie Morzinski.