More NAS Movies

I couldn’t stay awake long enough last night for all of our videos to upload to youtube. Unless your name is Posterity you may not want to watch every second of these, but there are some interesting things happening.

Here is the NAS rolling out of the cleanroom. Scroll to 0:56 for Jared’s most important contribution to the project to date:

And here it goes from the lift to the truck:

Here we are placing it on blocks to stabilize it. Also, Jason comes up with the official MagAO logo:

See last night’s post (Day 7) for the drive up the mountain.

Here the team is using a come-along to get it back off the truck:

Here is the end of unloading and the placement of the NAS in the Aux building. It passes several Magellan instruments on the way in: The Planet Finding Spectrograph (PFS), Megacam, MMIRS, and Phase-Cam.

In this short clip the electronics racks are rolled into their new home. They fit.