NAS Fitcheck Day 0: Empanada Sunday

Lunch on Sunday is always empanadas here at LCO, and it’s cold enough that a big bowl of hot soup hits the spot.

My lunch today.

Today was spent rebuilding VisAO after the cooling box interference and the motherboard fiasco from unpacking. It’s almost back together (and I have 2 spare motherboards just in case). But sadly that meant it was time to say goodbye to vizcacha, the stand-in VisAO computer. As if to mark the occasion, our old friend the cleanroom Viscacha said hello this morning.

He still seems pretty skeptical of me.

Here’s the VisAO cooling box, modified so it can stay installed on the handling cart. It used to be a rectangle.

The VisAO cooling box, with modification to fit on the handling cart.

Tonight’s pretty picture:

The moon at sunset from outside the cleanroom.

The grown ups arrive tomorrow, so I guess that means we’ll start using positive numbers.