NAS Fitcheck Day 1: All Back Together

The VisAO electronics box is completely back together and running, so you can stop worrying and get back to working on your 22 milli-arcsecond science case.

The VisAO box fully assembled.

In addition to rebuilding the computer, I took the opportunity to organize cables and make everything look tidy. I also turned on the W-Unit and tested everything out. It all still works. The only real excitement today happened when I turned on the old vizcacha computer to check a few files from the unpacking run, and a capacitor exploded. It turns out that’s why that model of motherboard was on the scrap heap here – they make loud noises and give off smoke.

Laird, Alan, and Jason arrived today. That means a lot more work will be getting done, and hopefully more pictures will get taken. I’ve so far seen neither hide nor hair of our larger 4 legged friends, so you’ll have to settle for another sunset.

That's the 100 inch telescope in the fg.
Same sunset, but looking more towards the south.