NAS Fitcheck Day 12: In Transit

Extraction of the NAS Fitcheck team is underway. We all came down off the mountain today, feeling good about a successful run.

The first view of the ocean. It's at this point on the drive that your skin starts to feel normal again as the air becomes humid.

Here’s our quote from the ride down: “Pirate mining? . . . no no, you probably said iron, but I heard pirate.” (Tyson Hare)

Jason is spending the night in La Serena, doing some exploring. Laird, Alan, Tyson, and Jared have made it to Santiago, despite a bunch of airline computer problems. Here we commemorate Jared’s first Pisco Sour at the SCL Holiday Inn:

We have a 6 hour layover in Santiago, so we're spending it telling war stories from the run.

Days without a motherboard failure: 11