NAS Fitcheck Day 2: Plumbing

Today our big plumbing efforts started in earnest. The cooling system that Jason assembled in Tucson was unpacked today, and the complete circuit was put together. It is currently holding pressure (20#), and we’ll see if it holds all night.

Jason Lewis applies thread sealant to a fitting.
Laird, Jason, and Alan discuss routing of glycol, and Tyson is installing some fittings.
Jason and Tyson conducting a soap bubble test.

Still no big animals. The Viscacha was on its perch this morning. Povilas saw a fox (a.k.a. Zorro) recently, so we are on the lookout. I hear they used to be very common here.

I missed sunset tonight, but this was the mountain top after breakfast.
That's Las Campanas behind the hotel. They have finished blasting now, and you can really tell how flat it is. The future home of the GMT.

Days without a motherboard failure: 1