Steel Toe Terabytes

Preparations continue for the invasion of LCO.  When we’re not sitting around arguing about clouds and chemistry in an exoplanet atmosphere, we’re discussing how to replace a relief valve without draining our cooling system.   Some of this week’s worries included: how are we going to get all of this data home?


Eighteen terabytes of storage, ready to go. This is really so we can have 2 copies of 9 TB. We're so paranoid that we're going to send these home on different planes.

We also have to start getting safe, for safety’s sake. The NAS weighs 1800 lbs (at least that’s what Alan wrote on it with a Sharpie), and that might hurt if we drop it, so those of us who work in the dome have to have steel toed shoes.

Safety shoes come in all sorts of styles these days. This is what you buy if you're really a software nerd, and just masquerade as a crane operator.