MagAO-X 2022B Day 22: The Last Loop for 2022

Tonight marks the end of our time on sky for the 2022B run. Though we have had a bit of a rough week of seeing, humidity, etc., tonight we scored some decent conditions and got to do some of the science we’ve all been eager to do.

Logan is hunting for white dwarfs, and may have found/confirmed a few ‘little guys’ tonight!
Someone’s being followed by a moon shadow…

Eden and Alycia got to visit the 100″ down the hill from the Magellans this afternoon. I would have gone with them but had a final to study for!

The 100″ Irenee du Pont Telescope

Jared also made friends with a LCO resident.

And Carla has returned with more astronomer snacks!

I can confirm both are quite tasty.

We forgot to take a group photo at the beginning of the night, and failed to all be located in the same place at once this morning – so we will take a victory photo for you viewers in the near future.

I had to do it, the song of the day: