MagAO-X 2024Aa Day 20: A Day and a Halffert

Tonight was an oddball: we were off the telescope for another observer for the first half, then came up at 1:30 for the second half, which was solely Sebastiaan on VIS-X, our spectrograph. So we had half a Haffert night.

Various angles of Sebastiaan squinting at spectra

It also the last night of the run, so you know what that means: spending all day getting MagAO-X off the telescope and put away for the May run. Some of us slept for the first half of the night, including me. I went to bed after dinner and slept until 12:30am and it was glorious. At the end of night we will go up on the platform and de-cable the instrument. Then we head to bed and the morning crew, who went to bed around midnight or so, will get up and get ‘er off the platform with the LCO crew. We will join them again after lunch. Fortunately we don’t have to prepare for shipping this time and only have to button her down until May.

We ended up observing well into dawn so we got a late start on decable, the morning crew came up as we got started. Pics from decable crew:

And with that we retired to our room for a few hours while morning crew takes over.

And there is the 8am down-the-mountain transport picking up riders. That’ll be us tomorrow fam.

Anyway here is an assortment of pics for your viewing pleasure.

So milky. Credits to Sebastiaan (left) and Jialin (right)

Large and Small Magellenic (Milky?) Clouds, only visible from the southern hemisphere. Photo by Eden.

Keep a lookout for the upside-down Orion constellation to the left here. Proof the Earth is a sphere. Photo credit to Sebastiaan.

Eden got some incredible Carlos footage I felt wasn’t properly displayed here, so here’s some fox for you. (Not a true fox)

He is a look-don’t-touch friend.

Yesterday was April fools but on Day 19 we couldn’t get our act together to post something witty.

The day before was Easter Sunday. So here is a repost of the Easter Viz

The song of the day is Break It Down Again by Tears for Fears.