MagAO-X 2024Ab Day 14: What happens to a dream deferred?

Does it dry up like puddles in a dome floor?
Or fester like astronomers on night schedules with nothing to do?
Does it stink like the Atacama desert in the rain?
Or crust and sugar over like flan in the LCO dining room fridge?
Maybe it just sags like Gabriele’s shoulders?
Or does it explode?

The rain has stopped and the clouds are gone but we are still closed. The humidity is still high, apparently high enough to keep the dome from drying. It’s still dripping, so the telescope cover is closed and MagAO-X is covered in plastic. It’s still Gabriele’s night so he’s struggling to hang on to hope.

But we can’t even go on the internal source to do some engineering, because the puddles have everything off.

MagAO-X wrapped up in plastic

Puddles on the Nasmyth

Laird is still decommissioning MagAO. He was up early enough to catch the remnants of the overnight snowstorm before it all melted an hour later:

Jared spent some time tonight dismantling his PhD project, the visible arm of MagAO, VisAO.

Eden sunset

Vizzy snuggles. Photo Credit: Laird

The best 15 mins of my day were when my friends made a birthday call. The only place I could find to go that wouldn’t disturb anyone and wasn’t icy wind was in the dome, which was all lit up cause of the water.

I know! It’s crazy, because my feet are so large, but i was never into swimming

Jared said VM to me again *cry face*

This spaghetti tastes so much better than glycol

“This isn’t a cheese focused story!
It’s merely cheese adjacent” *sad face*

It flagged every instance of ‘cloud’ as ‘butt’, but I couldn’t let it go to press that way…

The song of the day is for Gabriele: