MagAO-X 2024Ab Day 8: Let there be light!

And there was light. After 3 tortuous days with nothing to look at but an internal source, we *finally* opened for business. However, as a member of the 2nd observing shift, I was MIA during this time. The below meme described my state of mind in the hours leading up to my shift:

A mood.

While I slumbered, various team members wandered the mountain in search of wildlife:

A cloud pic for our readers in the Cloud Appreciation Society.
Burro alert!
The smolest of Vizzies.

When the telescope opened, Jared described the mood as one of giddiness.

Alycia searches for a 6-letter word meaning “basic drum.”
Kian learns the ropes.
Jaylicia observes some disks.
Jared does Jared things.

At around 2 AM, we closed down once again due to high humidity. This allowed me to hone my skills in MagAO-X alignment, iEFC-ing, and bump mask removal on the internal source.

Scream if you involuntarily remove the bump mask!

With the telescope closed, Jared went back home in a car covered with ice.

The outside air may be cold, but our server rack always runs hot.

My brain is running out of real estate, so I’m going to wrap up this blog post.

Highlight of the Day

The best part of the day was being able to once again close the loop on-sky with MagAO-X.

Song of the Day

Upside Down-Jack Johnson