MagAO-X Across The Pond Day 4: Let’s Talk It Out

Today I presented Kevin Wagner’s talk about searching for planets in 10 µm light. I think I did an okay job talking about things I know nothing about, but then, I do have plenty of practice.

All questions about Kevin’s part of the talk will be answered with viscacha noises.

Incredibly, people did ask me questions. In this rare instance, “beats me, ask someone else!” was a valid answer. (Actually, I’ve been running audience messages back and forth to Kevin on the Steward grad student Slack. Just not on stage.)

The only MagAO-X/XWCL member officially on the schedule for today was our fearless leader Dr. Jared Males.

GMagAO-* is strictly an improvement over MagAO-X as the * means it can wildcard match all Giant Magellan AO instruments.

I can’t speak for Jared, but I’m happy to be free of any further obligations beyond listening and enjoying the rest of the conference.

Themed Gallery 1: Pictures of PDS 70 b from SPHERE

It’s their fave.

Themed Gallery 2: Food in hand

Song of the Day

“La Vida Es Un Carnaval” — Celia Cruz