Dans les Nouvelles / In the News

MagAO teammates and friends Jared Males, Andy Skemer, and Laird Close recently published a paper: Direct Imaging in the Habitable Zone and the Problem of Orbital Motion. This work describes the problem of how planets won’t hold still, but instead keep orbiting their stars while you’re trying to observe them. The paper is in proof with the Astrophysical Journal Supplements.

The paper, including the implications for VisAO, drew the attention of Canadien journalist Claude Lafleur, who penned the following article: Un jour prochain, nous photographierons des planètes habitables. Check it out, especially if you read French!

And if you’re going to be in Florence for the AO4ELT conference, or in Victoria for the IAU 299 conference, we look forward to seeing you there and presenting our first-light results!