Comm2 Day 22: See You When I See You

MagAO won’t be back on the telescope for a year. That’s a long time. In the mean time, we have some amazing data to analyze, and we have some upgrades planned (which is why there’s such a long break). We’ll keep you posted as new results come out and our schedule progresses. The adventure isn’t over yet!

Laird, Katie, TJ, and I left LCO today. This was our last view of the telescopes.

Thanks to everyone at LCO for helping us get where we are. The future of MagAO is bright, and we are going to do a lot of fantastic science here.

The western valley below LCO. You can see the sunrise shadow of Magellan.
We made a pit stop at the offical MagAO watering hole, the Casino Enjoy in La Serena.
A cruise ship gets underway from La Serena. We’ll be back.

Some quotes:

“no, no, no.” — our waitress, wagging her finger at Laird. Apparently you can’t order beer before noon on Sunday in La Serena.

“No! The blog is over. I should be able to say whatever I want.” — Laird