2014A Day 27: Last Star

We have observed our last target star of the 2014A run. It was another great night, with half arcsecond seeing almost the whole way.

Just after sunset from the catwalk.

We now have 2 days of packing and storing and inventory to do, and then we start the long journey home. Laird and Katie got started as soon as the dome closed.

Laird and Katie (behind him holding the light) started the Clio warm up this morning.

We have to spend some time saying goodbye to all of our friends. We won’t see them for 6 months!

A vizzy hanging out waiting for sunset

And we need to spend some time actually looking at the night sky, it’s so beautiful here.

Yuri Beletsky has once again supplied us with an amazing photo. He took this two nights ago while we were observing.

We spent a lot of time on this run trying to mitigate the effects of diffraction. So check out the wave nature of these guitar strings: